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NIH study finds racial, ethnic differences in fetal growth
Current standards may misclassify certain fetuses as growth-restrictedCurrent standards for ultrasound evaluation of fetal growth may lead to misclassification of up to 15 percent of fetuses of...
International agreement on MRI-scans 'likely to change how we detect prostate cancer'
International radiological bodies* have agreed on a standard for how doctors evaluate MRI to confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Concussion recovery proceeds more slowly in older people
Using fMRI and working memory tasks, researchers find older people take longer to recover from concussion and suggest post-injury management should differ by age group.
Medical diagnosis: Will brain palpation soon be possible?
If there is one technique used by the physician to explore the human body during every medical examination in order to make a diagnosis or prescribe further tests, it is palpation.
FIGO calls for treatment developed at Wayne State to fight worldwide preterm birth
Recommendations to reduce the rates of preterm birth developed at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health's Perinatology Research Branch were introduced as...

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