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Medical imaging refers to several different technologies that are used to view the human body in order to diagnose, monitor, or treat medical conditions. Each type of technology gives different information about the area of the body being studied or treated, related to possible disease, injury, or the effectiveness of medical treatment. Methods of imaging may include ultrasound, MRI, pediatric X-ray imaging, medical X-ray imaging, radiography, CT, fluoroscopy and mammography.

New tracer improves the tracking of cells during MRI
Sensitive new technology that effectively tracks stem and immune cells in MRI is expected to enhance the progress of research and development of therapies.
New imaging technique may give physicians clearer picture of stroke damage
According to the American Heart Association, ischemic strokes account for nearly 90 percent of all strokes.
Advanced magnetic resonance imaging technology to track cells in the body
New fluorine-based tracer, enhanced by iron, has potential to clearly, quickly track cells and molecules.
MRI helps predict preterm birth
MRI of the cervix is more accurate than ultrasound at predicting if some women will have a preterm birth, according to a new study from Italy appearing in the online edition of Radiology.
Pill that 'lights up' breast cancer could lead to more accurate screening
Researchers have developed an oral pill containing a dye that only binds to cancerous tumors and lights up when exposed to near-infrared light.

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