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Combination tumor imaging can distinguish malignant and benign breast tumors, help avoid unnecessary biopsies
Imaging breast tumors using four approaches together can better distinguish malignant breast tumors from those that are benign, compared with imaging using fewer approaches, and this may help avoid...
Animal study unveils predictive marker for epilepsy development following febrile seizure
Within hours of a fever-induced seizure, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be able to detect brain changes that occur in those most likely to develop epilepsy later in life, according to an...
Ultrasound and self-healing hydrogels non-invasively deliver chemo drugs to the right place at the right time
Current drug-delivery systems used to administer chemotherapy to cancer patients typically release a constant dose of the drug over time - but a new study challenges this "slow and steady" approach...
Cancer detection rate improved with 3D breast imaging technique
Researchers find that adding the tomosynthesis 3D imaging technique to digital mammography leads to an increase in the rate of detecting cancer.
Researchers propose 'simpler, more reliable' Alzheimer's diagnosis
International experts reach a consensus on a simpler, more reliable way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease that promises to reduce the current 33% misdiagnosis rate.

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