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Exploring x-ray phase tomography with synchrotron radiation
X-ray phase tomography is an imaging technique that uses penetrating X-rays to create volumetric views through "slices" or sections of soft biological tissues, such as tumors, and it offers...
Chronic fatigue: structural abnormalities found in brains of patients
CFS is difficult to diagnose in the absence of current diagnostic tests or biomarkers. Now, researchers have uncovered brain differences that could play a role in diagnosis.
Preventative action prior to brain surgery - ultra-high-field MRI reveals language centres in the brain in much more detail
In a new investigation by the University Department of Neurology, it has been possible for the first time to demonstrate that the areas of the brain that are important for understanding language...
Novel ultrasound technology developed to screen for heart conditions
Researchers used the technique to determine the impact of a ring-shaped vortex on transporting blood flow within the human heartEngineers at the University of California, San Diego have...
Mouse study makes it possible to measure muscle health with low-resolution ultrasound images
People with muscular dystrophy could one day assess the effectiveness of their medication with the help of a smartphone-linked device, a new study in mice suggests.

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