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Simple formula can determine radiation dose to fetus
A new technique to more accurately calculate radiation dose to a fetus may help comfort pregnant women who undergo a computed tomography (CT) scan, suggests research being presented at the 57th...
Risks of screening mammography overestimated: large study shows women receive about 30 percent less radiation than previous believed
Screening mammography is safer than previously thought, suggests a large study that determined women receive about 30 percent less radiation during the test than assumed.
New approach to MRI could slash length of scans
Medical Research Council (MRC) scientists have developed a new approach to speed up MRI scans for those who cannot hold their breath.
Tell-tale biomarker detects early breast cancer in NIH-funded study
Researchers have shown that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can detect the earliest signs of breast cancer recurrence and fast-growing tumors.
Brain scans may help predict success of therapy for psychiatric disorders
Using scans to look for brain biomarkers offers a way to select the most appropriate therapy for psychiatric disorders, study suggests.

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