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Prostate cancer 'easier to detect' with new type of MRI
New restriction spectrum imaging-MRI or RSI-MRI is better than current prostate imaging and may have important implications for prostate cancer treatments, new study says.
MRI scan sensitive to metabolic changes reveals brain differences in bipolar disorder
Sometimes, a new way of looking at something can bring to light an entirely new perspective.
Potential to predict future behavior through brain imaging
Noninvasive brain scans, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, have led to basic science discoveries about the human brain, but they've had only limited impacts on people's day-to-day lives.
Using ultrasound to detect potential heart attacks and strokes before symptoms arise
A study of portable ultrasound carried out in the USA, Canada and India has revealed the potential of this technology for detecting plaques in peripheral arteries that can lead to heart attacks and...
Study shows health information exchange reduces repeat imaging tests
The use of health information exchange (HIE) to share reports on imaging tests, such as X-rays and MRIs, can help reduce the number of times patients undergo the exact same test, according to Weill...

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