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7-Tesla MRI scanner allows even more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer
Taking part in a recent study, scientists at the MedUni Vienna have demonstrated for the first time worldwide that 7-Tesla ultra-high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used for clinical...
Quickly identifying Parkinson's patients at risk of dementia
It may now be possible to identify the first-stage Parkinson's patients who will go on to develop dementia, according to a study conducted at the Institut universitaire de geriatrie de Montreal by Dr.
Cognitive impairment forecast from plaques detected in brain scans
Brain imaging using radioactive dye can detect early evidence of Alzheimer's disease that may predict future cognitive decline among adults with mild or no cognitive impairment, according to a...
After hip fracture surgery, new MRI can 'see through' metal screws
People who sustain the most common type of hip fracture, known as a femoral neck fracture, are at increased risk of complications.
CT scans predict chemotherapy response in pancreatic cancer
Computed tomography (CT) scans routinely taken to guide the treatment of pancreatic cancer may provide an important secondary benefit.

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