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Education, not mandatory screening, best for women with dense breast tissue
Women with dense breast tissue are at increased risk of breast cancer. Dense breast tissue, generally defined as having more fibroglandular than fatty tissue, can make it more difficult for...
Theraclion announces study showing long-term effectiveness and safety of Echopulse in the non-invasive treatment of breast fibroadenoma
THERACLION, a company specialized in leading-edge medical equipment for echotherapy, has announced the results published end January, 2015 in the Journal Therapeutic Ultrasound on the long-term...
Instructional DVD reduces MRI scan patients' anxiety and improves scan quality
A DVD designed to help people prepare for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, including guidance on how to relax, led to more successful scans.
One third of doctors 'would consider assisted death' for dementia patients
A new survey of doctors in the Netherlands - where assisted suicide is legal - reveals around 1 in 3 would help a patient with a mental illness or dementia to die.
Medical isotope production: Clinical study demonstrates that technetium produced in a cyclotron is equivalent to that produced in a nuclear reactor
Researchers at the Centre de research du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CRCHUS) unveiled today the results of a clinical study demonstrating equivalency between cyclotron-produced...

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