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Survey: up to $12 billion dollars wasted in medical imaging
The United States wastes nearly $12 billion dollars on unnecessary medical imaging each year according to a new survey of 196 hospital leaders.
Using MRI and PET to monitor the response to treatment in bone metastases
A review and position statement of the EORTC Imaging GroupImaging technologies are very useful in evaluating a patient's response to cancer treatment, and this can be done quite effectively for...
Hitchcock film used to reveal consciousness in vegetative patients
A patient who has been unresponsive for 16 years showed a brain response to a Hitchcock film strongly matching that of healthy participants, suggesting he was consciously aware.
PET-CT predicts lymphoma survival better than conventional imaging
Positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET-CT) is more accurate than conventional CT scanning in measuring response to treatment and predicting survival in patients with follicular...
For diagnosing kidney stones, CT scans are no more accurate than ultrasound
To diagnose painful kidney stones in hospital emergency rooms, CT scans are no better than less-often-used ultrasound exams, according to a clinical study conducted at 15 medical centers and...

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